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Formulas (beta)

To define a formula column:

  1. Navigate to your table.
  2. Click "Add Column".
  3. Enter a name for the column.
  4. Select "formula" as the type of the column.
  5. Enter a formula.
  6. Click "Create Column".

Formulas may be invoked on either literal values (e.g. 3, "hello"), or they may reference columns by name. The following formulas are supported:

  • UPPER(text). Converts text to uppercase.
  • CONCATENATE(text). Concatenates multiple text values.
  • EQ(value1, value2). Evaluates to true if the values are equal.
  • IF(condition1, value1, ..., default). Evaluates one or more conditions, returning the value for the first condition that evaluates to true, or if none evaluate to true, the default value.
  • IN(text, text[]). Evaluates to true if the provided text is found in the provided list.
  • NOW(): Returns the current date and time.
  • SUBSTITUTE(haystack, needle, replacement). Returns haystack with all occurences of needle replaced by replacement.


Formulas are a beta feature that may be buggy and incomplete. We plan to extend the formula system

  • Formulas may only be used inside of columns of type "formula".
  • Plato provides no error reporting for invalid formulas.
  • Plato provides no typeahead support for helping you define your formulas.